Hey all,

Voila!  I hereby reveal my all-new redesigned blog!  Huge shout out to a reader, one Keri Gerheart, who has been working on this with me since March, when I said I wanted to make some serious changes around these parts.  She said she was a reader who really appreciated my blog and wanted to help, and help she did.  She was awesome.  And now all of my changes are complete!

I’ll tell you what’s new in a sec, but first, I’m on Aish.com today, featuring my 8 favorite parenting lines, and why I credit Judaism with all of them. So many questions about parenting… one answer. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Ok, so here’s the tour of the new blog.  I know some of you don’t like change but I’m not one of those people.  Hopefully you’ll love it.

Firstly, the look and feel are new.  Whiter. Fresher.  Lighter.

Second, there are now two navigation bars instead of one.  The top one, which was there all along, has a new tab, called “advertising.”  This is info for businesses or ventures that feel their product or service would be of interest to the OOTOB community, and wish to advertise here.  I plan to treat this with complete integrity and only display partners that truly jive with our mission here at OOTOB.

Speaking of our mission, I’ve moved my “about” page right out front, where every reader can see it as soon as he or she shows up at the blog.

The lower navigation bar is where nearly all of my posts are organized by category.  This reflects my diverse readership – some really want to understand Orthodox Jews better, whereas others are interested in Jewish inspiration.  Some find interviews most interesting; voracious readers will want to peruse the book reviews; some love to dive into controversial observations.  This bar is an easy way to do that.

The social media buttons are all new, and will make it easier to connect and share my stuff.

On the right, you’ll see some places I’ve been featured; under that are ads that relate to OOTOB. Finally, all the way under THAT, are the archives organized by date (as opposed to topic).

Also, look up, at the URL bar.  See that cute little orange box in the left corner?  That’s called a “favicon” (Keri taught me that, I’m just showing off now).  It’s new, too.  It’s sort of like my little pet.

So… would love to hear your feedback!