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Uncategorized April 3, 2017

Autism Awareness Month

An ELI Talk is a Jewish TED-style talk. I became enamored with the thought of giving a TED talk one day when my friend Scott Simon gave one and like all my ideas, started with a kernel of “hey I could do that.” Then I discovered ELI talks.

Interviews, Uncategorized January 10, 2017

Interview with Myself

Hey OOTOB readers,

A little while ago, Chana Deutsch from Israel contacted me. She runs a program to help Jewish women in their relationships, and asked if she could interview me. Fun, because I’ve done a number of interviews here, and now I get to be the interviewee. It’s an audio interview, and it’s going to air on January 30th right here.

Uncategorized December 6, 2016

Jewish Women

I’ve been doing more traveling, speaking, teaching. Selling my book. I love to travel and I love to see new places and meet new people. I also love to sniff out new communities and get a feel for the similarities and differences each Jewish community has.
But there’s one thing that is constant. Jewish women. 

Uncategorized November 24, 2016

Life After Death

By Elissa Felder

Twenty-six years ago a group of my friends gathered to wash the body of my little baby that had died that same day during open-heart surgery. His death was a shock of the most traumatic proportions.

Jewish Inspiration, Uncategorized November 9, 2016

Election Aftermath

So Donald Trump is president and half of America is mourning. And plenty are elated. My Facebook feed, mostly non-Orthodox Jews, is dominated by mourning. People lamenting the loss of normalcy, of values, of shattering the glass ceiling once and for all. People describing the emotions like losing a loved one. 

Uncategorized June 28, 2016

Why Youngests are Lucky

Looks like been doing more parenting posts lately. Just what’s on my mind, I guess. I considered starting a new blog for parenting because the rule-follower in me is screaming that this is a blog about Orthodox Judaism.