Here are a few options for promoting your business or product on my blog, if OOTOB makes the determination that it is in synch with the interests of my readers.

#1 is
$75/month, $300 for 6 months, and $500 for a year. I’ll put an ad on my blog that takes people straight to your site, YouTube video, or wherever you wish.

is $75 for a one-shot deal where you can write a post for my blog all about your business, book, service, non-profit, or endeavor. I will note that the post is sponsored by you, and you can include whatever you want – how people can watch, sign up, connect, testimonials, videos, how to donate – whatever you want.  I will edit for content and grammar and such but pretty much you have the floor.

Below are some stats to give you an idea about my readers. More traffic data is available upon request.