I’ve been doing more traveling, speaking, teaching. Selling my book. I love to travel and I love to see new places and meet new people. I also love to sniff out new communities and get a feel for the similarities and differences each Jewish community has.
But there’s one thing that is constant. Jewish women. 

There is just something amazing about Jewish women. It’s like love until proven otherwise. I feel an instant sisterly connection. And when a bunch of them get together in a room to hear words of Torah it’s like my soul is on fire.

I just want to get to know them all. Hear their thoughts, their dreams, hopes and ideas. Their struggles, sadnesses, and pain. My soul strives to connect with theirs. It’s a true pull too powerful to explain prosaically.

Is there a parallel to this? Is this how Muslim or Christian or Hindu women feel?

So grateful to be a Jewish woman. I am proud, honored, privileged, pleased. That is all.