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Uncategorized June 2, 2019


For those of you who are actual adults, you may not be aware that you’re involved in a new millennial sport, and perhaps have been for some time: adulting.

Jewish Inspiration May 26, 2019

The Crash

For some annoying reason, my phone crashes five times a day. Now, it may be because, when I decided to defect from Team Android to Team IPhone about a year ago, I bought the most cost-effective (still ridiculously overpriced) iPhone I could find: a refurbished iPhone 6S plus. Rose gold, because you asked. It’s very pretty.

Uncategorized May 20, 2019

Read Write See


Here’s a nice old-fashioned schmoozy post like we used to do. How have you all been? Me, good. Gonna fill you in on where I’ve been and what’s been happening. This is the behind-the-scenes me, not the professionally polished writer you’ve gotten accustomed to (cough, cough).

Uncategorized May 17, 2019

Parenting Regrets

My baby is turning 9 and I’m so grateful for long views and second chances. As our oldest kids are now young adults, my regrets for my parenting mistakes when they were small play a big role in how we parent this little one.

Uncategorized May 5, 2019

After Pesach

“After Pesach” – the words are haunting me now. For weeks as we prepared for the holiday of Passover, everything else got relegated to the “later” pile: after Pesach. Camp forms – after Pesach. Figure out why the bank is charging my daughter a $7 fee each month – after Pesach. Deal with the swamp in the backyard each time it rains (which is daily) – after Pesach.

Uncategorized April 8, 2019

In a Muggle World

I spent last week roaming around Harry Potter’s Wizarding World in Orlando, Florida with two of our kids over spring break. Let me just get this over with: I’m a heathen muggle. For the non-Potterheads what that means is that not only did I stop reading the series after the second book, but I caught up with Harry’s life on Wikipedia. Don’t hate me. Also I didn’t see a single movie and I don’t even remember the name of the second book.