“You’re not going to make it tonight?  OH! 
We’ll miss you.  Okay, don’t
worry.  Everything is basherte.”
“I can’t believe I’m going to miss your wedding!  My son just woke up with strep and there’s no
way I can leave town!  What should I do –
everything is basherte.”
“What??  The freezer just
died, full of food!  Well.  Everything is basherte.”
pre-destined; meant to
be.  Usually used in reference to a
soul-mate, as in marriage, but also used to reference the Hand of Providence,
whether for the good or bad, that shapes every event in our lives.  Some Jews prefer to call it karma…
Here’s the beauty of basherte.  When it’s your reality, it simply has the
power to take the wind of disappointment, regret, blame and anger right out of
your sails.  When it’s the reality of
others in your life, it takes those emotions right out of their sails.
It takes practice.
You can’t be a control freak or a micro-manager
and expect this to be easy.
You can’t make a dumb mistake and blame the
results on God.
People usually use the term “basherte” to describe a
wonderful, serendipitous event, where the Hand of God stirred the pot and
everything tasted wonderful upon completion. 
That’s beautiful too.  
But the real power of basherte is when you apply it to the
negative things that occur to you.
I am anticipating the question of why bad things happen to good
people.  While that is a valid question, I
deal with it mainly in person only.  I intend
here to address the instances referenced above: the inevitable and mundane
disappointments of daily lives.
Have you ever experienced, in hindsight, the beauty of basherte?  Seeing the Providence in what seemed like a
disappointment or negative occurrence?