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Book Reviews December 20, 2017

Movie Review: The Women’s Balcony

On the way home from my last trip to Israel, I watched a movie I’ve been wanting to see for a while: “The Women’s Balcony.” The movie, set in Israel, is part of a new genre of film that studies Orthodox Jews and actually gets it right. It’s pretty exciting.

Book Reviews June 11, 2017

What’s on my Nightstand

I love to read and have a diverse nightstand. The top book, All the Light We Cannot See, is gripping and sobering. My daughter and book-buddy Yitty read it and kept leaving it in strategic places so I’d start it. Once I did I couldn’t stop. It’s historical fiction, meticulously researched, set in World War II France and Germany. It will help you understand how a regular person could become a Nazi. I cried more than once, mostly over parent-child interactions.

Book Reviews January 28, 2016

RELEASE OF MY BOOK: Conversations with God

I think it would be fairly accurate to say that I’m feeling exhilarated at the release of my book. I’ve been birthing it for two years. I wrote on Mondays and airplanes. I consulted, rewrote, added, and obsessed. And now it’s out. It’s weird how writing is such a solitary act (as opposed to blogging) and then BOOM! It hits the universe and all of a sudden it’s not solitary anymore!