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Uncategorized February 11, 2020

Devil’s in the Details

Well, the bar mitzvah is over, and I‘ve noticed something weird. When I am hosting an event, I can’t eat. My adrenaline is sky-high and I’m consumed with thinking of my guests and if they are enjoying and comfortable. If you’re anything like me, you’ll recognize some of these obsessive thoughts:

Uncategorized December 28, 2019

Dear Christmas

Dear Christmas,

After so many years of competition, I think it’s time I come clean: I never thought we were rivals. You and me – we were created at different times in history. I was established in 165 BC and you, in 336 AD, 500 years later. I was established as eight days, and you, as one. I was made for gelt, and you for gifts. 

Uncategorized December 15, 2019

Friends ‘til the End

This week I had a slumber party. It was hosted by my friend Karyn from Baltimore, where I traveled for a speaking engagement, and we were joined by our two friends from Monsey, NY, who drove four hours each way to hear my talk and join the after-party. 

Uncategorized November 19, 2019

Vacation with Myself

This past week, I went on vacation with myself. Notice I say “with myself” and not “by myself” because the point was to spend time with myself, reacquaint me to myself, and listen to the sound of my own mind.

Uncategorized August 18, 2019

Passport to Craziness

When you’re generally a pretty organized person who usually puts things back in the same places each time, and the night before your flight to Israel, Saturday night, you check your drawer for your passport and it’s not there, you’d be excused for freaking out. Which is what I did.