I don’t usually “mommy-blog,” nor is this post “Orthodox” or
even “Jewish.”  But: so what?
I’ve always been a voracious reader, since early childhood –
getting out books by the dozen at the library, then losing myself for hours.
Now I’m a mother and have precious little time for such a
luxury.  I’ve also become much more
selective about what I read.  But I’ve discovered
something else about myself: every now and then I still need to escape the
household treadmill.  And I get bored of
said treadmill very easily.
When my big kids were small, my escape involved talking to
friends and family on the phone or snatching a quick read while the kiddies
were playing.
Now, it’s Facebook, texting, or reading a really interesting
article or blog comment on my phone.
For some reason, the latter makes me feel a lot worse than
the former.  Why?
Same or different? 
What do you say?