You were the grandparent I couldn’t have, the one who told the Story.
You were tireless in your staggering work.
You relived the horrors, so others could know.
You looked beyond your own to make sure it didn’t happen to others.
You helped me know what my own had been through.

You stayed true to your G-d, through the struggle and the pain.
You made victimhood dignified by restoring pride to our people.
You were a mouthpiece for those who couldn’t speak.
You lived a life for those who had been murdered.
You bridged worlds, cultures, and denominations.
You were mine and you were ours.
You will be missed and never forgotten.

If the purpose of life is to leave better and more refined than we came, and to leave this world a more values-based place, you have lived, loved, and succeeded with splendor.

May your memory be blessed; may you be a righteous advocate in Heaven; may your soul be bound up in the bonds of eternal life, in a place where there is no evil, no pain, no fear. Amen.