Short answer:
Either at a family wedding, or in bite-sized pieces.

With over 50 first cousins, I will leave it to you to guess if we are still doing holidays all together (NOT).  Us older married kids host our own holidays, and the younger marrieds go to the parents/in-laws.  Since my in-laws live in town, we are fortunate that we can go and visit whenever the siblings and cousins come to town.

But my family mostly lives in New Jersey and New York, and that’s why we have decided to do a winter road trip and a summer road trip each year so that we can all spend time together.  (We do not attempt to fly. For too many reasons to enumerate.)

So we’re off.  (Dear thieves: there are still occupants in my house.  Large, strong ones.  Just sayin.)
We’ll be based in Lakewood, NJ, where my parents and two sisters  live, with day trips to Monsey, NY to see my grandparents, aunts and uncles, plus some Kovals that reside there; Brooklyn to see my grandma and brother and family; Long Island, to drive my son back to school and also to visit my father’s grave at Wellwood Cemetery; and spending Shabbat with my younger brother (my DNA twin) and his wife and kids.  And we’ll retrieve my daughter from the camp bus!

So I may be AWOL for a bit… or not!  Hard to say when the blogging bug will bite.  Ta-ta! 

How do you organize family get-togethers?