Hey OOTOB readers,

A little while ago, Chana Deutsch from Israel contacted me. She runs a program to help Jewish women in their relationships, and asked if she could interview me. Fun, because I’ve done a number of interviews here, and now I get to be the interviewee. It’s an audio interview, and it’s going to air on January 30th right here.

Chana is a relationships person. She is interested in things like: Are you looking for more connection in your marriage or dating? Do you spend so much effort working on your relationships and, yet not feel as if you are really getting anywhere? Have you ever wondered if Jewish wisdom might have something to say about the matter? There’s a lot of info out there but many Jews don’t know that Jewish wisdom has a lot to say about relationships.

And how do you make it practical?


What I’ve seen from 20 years of Jewish education, is that simply hearing or reading about what to do is not enough to really change yourself or a relationship. To make a real change, you need guidance from people who are not simply talking about what to do, but who can teach you how to apply it in a way that is practical and aligned with Torah values. And it takes constant reminding and peer support.

This is why Chana created the “With All Your Heart – A Jewish Woman’s Path to Experiencing Joy and Fulfillment in Love” free virtual interview series. Chana has invited over twenty of today’s female Jewish experts on the topics of Torah, marriage and dating to share some really great tools for connection and intimacy – and I am honored to have been invited as one of the featured speakers. What I’ve seen from 42 years of just being a human being is that the greatest pleasure I get in this world, the greatest accomplishment I could hope for, is deep and meaningful relationships.

Click on the link below to sign up and you’ll get the interviews emailed to you. It’s free and only available for a limited time.