I’m lighting the candles, my soul is uplifted
The little flames dance, then my heart is constricted
So many miracles, so many prayers
And yet the tears come as my mind is conflicted

The songs that we sing by the lights have persistence
Through thousands of years of our nation’s existence
They speak of the battles we’ve fought to survive
Of courage and faith, of our strength and resilience

Our eyes have seen images none should sustain
Our hearts have been battered, our souls are in pain
It’s hard to feel triumph, it’s hard now to smile
But the candles are speaking, they try to explain

The pain and the joy are all stitched together
Our nation may flicker but we last forever
We always come back, somehow land on our feet
With greater resolve that can never be severed

So cry in your hearts as you stand by the flames
Remember what holds us and how we’re sustained
Hold on to each other, to faith and to hope
Hold on and go forth, with your pride unrestrained.