Everyone has it. Their go-to outfit that they throw on when they’re not interested in fussing and just wanna be comfy.

For me, it’s my long black skirt.

Ok, confession: I have 6 long black skirts. Of course, they all serve different purposes (c’mon, ladies, it’s like black shoes).

Why do I so very often wear a long black skirt?

Firstly, I ONLY wear skirts.  According to halacha (Jewish law), which is the code by which I navigate my life, my skirt has to cover my knees at all times: sitting, standing, running (more on running later).
So to me, a “short skirt” is one that just covers my knees, and a long skirt goes till my ankles. Happen to be very trendy right now.  Google “maxi skirt” and see what happens.

Why black? It always matches, it’s always appropriate, and it always looks clean.

But *sigh* I really don’t like to wear black. Why? Because I don’t want people to think that following halacha means living a dour, boring, colorless life. It’s complex.

So there are things I do because I think they’re good and right, and then there are things I do because I want others to think well of traditional, observant Judaism.

Does this complicate my life? Somewhat.

But, eternal optimist that I am, I prefer to think of think of this confusing interface as a path to enriching my life.