One of life’s most complicated roles.

We love our kids, more than life itself, more than we could have imagined. We are obsessed with them, we think about them nonstop, we identify our success by them. Our very identity changes when we become moms.

We are metaphysically tethered to our children by a umbilical cord that never fully severed, a lifeline connecting us and them unlike any other bond.

We tear our hair out when they’re not doing well, we read and reread every text searching for hidden nuances and messages.

We’re nuts.

But there is no other love, no other Nachas, no other joy than watching this being that we created and raised and loved and cared for and fed and burped and soothed and helped and taught. No other joy greater than watching them soar. Become themselves. Becoming adults. Learning and growing, yea, away from us and apart from us and different from us.

As they should.

Happy Mother’s Day beautiful mamas. I see you.