Those of you that know me IRL or follow me on Facebook know that I’m seriously into mussar.  Love learning it, love sharing it, love living it to the best of my ability.

But what is it?

Today I’m guest-blogging over at a beautiful blog:

It’s so many things.

It’s the belief that each one of us possesses a holy soul that has a unique mission to fulfill on this earth.

It’s the philosophy that our primary path to becoming spiritual beings is the process of refining our character traits.

It’s studying, in depth, the inner workings of envy, greed,
stinginess, kindness, ego, generosity, fake flattery, laziness, modesty,
joy and serenity.

It’s identifying where our work lies, in perfecting ourselves, whenever we are in an altercation with another.

It’s the serenity and inner joy that comes from accepting responsibility for our own reactions, perceptions, and relationships.

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