A couple of nights ago I had another Nazi dream.

I’m in the Warsaw ghetto with my family, and need money to buy food.  I try to get to the ATM machine (??) but it’s barricaded by guards.  I manage to get my card in, but as soon as the $60 comes out, they grab it and run away.

But the scary part of the dream is part 2.  I’m in the barracks with my children, and I know that They are coming to get me for defying them at the ATM.  I wonder if I will die by bullet, or if there will be pain first.  I pray for a quick death.  I wonder if my children will persevere without me.  And then I wake up.

I’ve been having Nazi dreams in various forms since fourth grade, but they intensified after watching “The Wave.”

Do all Jews have Nazi dreams?  Do you?