I am beyond delighted to report that my 3rd book, “Soul Purpose,” is in the editorial stages and is hopefully due out early next winter.

The book is a daily reader based on “Ethics of the Fathers” (Pirkei Avot). Each day has a small, bite-sized piece of wisdom, followed by a daily goal. To my mind, it is a very accessible and practical (and sometimes personal) way to understand this ancient and beautiful wisdom.

I am now in the fundraising stage of my book. My publishing company, Mosaica Press, is a hybrid publisher, which means the author puts up the capital for the book and retains rights to all the content. At this time I need to raise $18,000.

Anyone who donates will make a significant difference in the world of Jewish education! If you donate $1,000 or more, you can submit a sentence to honor someone or dedicate in memory of someone. If you donate $5,000 or more you can submit a full page message for your dedication.

Here is the link. And thank you! I am extremely grateful! (When you go in to make your payment, just edit the total to whatever amount you’d like to donate.)

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