Only the Jews spend a whole week creatively cooking and eating a rotation of matza, eggs, and potatoes.

Only the Jews sing songs of freedom and gratitude even as dozens of our hostages are still held in captivity — and I say “dozens” because we don’t even know how many, because their captors can’t even tell us who’s alive and who, sadly, is no longer with us.

Only the Jews turn around three days after Passover to cook for Shabbat, because Shabbat comes every week, come what may.

Only the Jews celebrate Passover while worriedly keeping an eye on the news coming out of UCLA, Columbia, and other “elite” institutions, where anti-Israel students are occupying public property and disallowing Jews from entering.

Only the Jews bring a Chabad bus on campus to combat hate with singing and dancing.

Only the Jews invite their fitness instructor and her boyfriend to the Seder — because they’re Jewish!

Only the Jews keep booking flights to Israel even while United keeps canceling them.

Only the Jews all around the world pray for Israel, for people they’ve never met. Because they’re our family.

Only the Jews turn around and hug each other after yizkor on the holidays. Because if you’re part of the yizkor club, you know.

Only the Jews walk through a public anti-Israel protest blowing a huge shofar.

Only the Jews continue to remain wildly optimistic about our future despite all the hate.

Only the Jews sing Am Yisrael Chai at literally any opportunity.

Only the Jews are still here after thousands of years of persecution, forced assimilation, mandatory conversion, and dispersion.

Only the Jews.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Loud and proud.

No matter what.

Am Yisrael Chai.

Shabbat shalom,