Uncategorized January 7, 2024

Mourning Amichai

Last week a young man was killed in battle. His name was Amichai Oster, and he was twenty-four years old. He died defending his beautiful country, Israel, and he died trying to eradicate evil from this world, evil that took 1400 lives and kidnapped 240 men, women, and children on that horrific day of October 7th.

Uncategorized December 25, 2023

An Engaging Story

Every year on Rosh Hashanah I try to think of which new mitzvah practice I can deepen for that upcoming year. For those of you who have participated in our “Mitzvah Challenge,” you know it’s not so simple to come up with the right thing. It can’t be too hard, or it won’t stick. It can’t be too easy, or there’s no point. It can’t be too complex, too abstract, or have no measurables, or you won’t ever know if you’re succeeding. But every now and then God “dropboxes” just the right idea into my head.

Uncategorized December 11, 2023


I’m lighting the candles, my soul is uplifted
The little flames dance, then my heart is constricted
So many miracles, so many prayers
And yet the tears come as my mind is conflicted

Uncategorized November 20, 2023

A Time to Rally

Together with 290,000 other humans, mostly Jews, my daughter Nomi, my husband and I, with the Cleveland Federation delegation, rallied for Israel on Tuesday, November 13th.

Uncategorized November 5, 2023


When I was a kid, I found a book at my grandparents’ house about the Holocaust. In fact, I found many books. I found myself quietly going into my grandfather’s study and reading those books, even though I knew that what I would find there would give me terrible nightmares. I read the horrific accounts, unable to believe that human beings could actually commit such barbaric atrocities.