I think it would be fairly accurate to say that I’m feeling exhilarated at the release of my book. I’ve been birthing it for two years. I wrote on Mondays and airplanes. I consulted, rewrote, added, and obsessed. And now it’s out. It’s weird how writing is such a solitary act (as opposed to blogging) and then BOOM! It hits the universe and all of a sudden it’s not solitary anymore!

So what exactly is this book? It’s an abridged prayer book for women, with daily and Shabbat prayers, various prayers for daily life and the life-cycle, and a small selection of Psalms.
Sample page from the book

See how there are four parts to each prayer (or I should say most prayers)? There’s the original Hebrew, then the transliteration, then the translation, then finally, a modern-language conversation with God on the theme of the prayer.

There are also instructions and explanations, and prayers for sending kids to school, finding lost objects, and safe travels. Much more too. Check it out on Amazon – this makes a great bat mitzvah or graduation gift; hostess gift, even wedding gift.
And if you do get it, leave me a review on Amazon please! Thank you so much!
If you want a signed copy, paypal me $25 and I’ll send it to you or someone you designate. (Just log in to your paypal account, click “send money” and fill in my email  – [email protected]) Or if you live in Cleveland, come to my book signing on February 7th at 11:30 am at the Laurel School in Shaker Heights.
There’s nothing more amazing than hearing that this book has made a difference in people’s prayers. It’s truly the best feeling ever.