Tonight and tomorrow.  Sad day.

I’ll be sitting shiva.

For the Temple.  In Jerusalem.

That I lost 2000 years ago.

I’ll sit on low chairs.  Not eat.  Not drink.  Not make small talk.

I didn’t know the Temple, much.

I’ve heard about it, though.

Seen the ruins.  Heard about the miracles.  Prayed for its return.

Cried, for the sorry state we find ourselves in today.  In spiritual disconnect and confusion.

Hard to mourn, for that which you never had.

That just makes it sadder.

To distract myself with blogging would be wrong.

I want to dwell on my shiva, not be distracted from it.

My fellow Jews, we are one family.  We all sit shiva together.

We need each other, for comfort and support.

Can’t afford to hate… to gossip… to vilify.

If we were sitting shiva for a person, would we, could we fight, while burying our loved one?

People do.


I pray for the return of my loss.

A rebuilt Temple.

A rebuilt Jerusalem.

A rebuilt relationship.

Between us and God.

Between us and each other.

Between us and ourselves.

Amen, may it be so.