Just reading an article over Shabbos about the tragic passing of Shoshie Stern, a 12-year old daughter of a friend-of-a-friend who was hit by a car in Florida and killed instantly.  Two stories about the incident just made me stop in my tracks in absolute amazement that a human being could rise so incredibly above her nature.

1. The article’s author, a friend of the Stern family, describes that his wife, Zahava, had dropped off Shoshie at her home, but later received a frantic call from Shoshie’s sister asking where she was.  A desperate call-fest ensued, with both families trying to locate Shoshie.  Finally Zahava called Denise, Shoshie’s mother, to see if they had heard anything.  Denise, who had just heard the tragic news moments earlier, blurted out: “Shoshie’s been killed!  She was hit by a car while she tried to cross Palmetto Park Road.  She’s dead!”

Zahava was overcome with emotion but a few minutes later Denise called back.  Why?  To apologize for blurting out the news over the phone, and asking if Zahava was alright, and to ask her for forgiveness.

Yes.  Forgiveness.

2.  At the hospital, after identifying her beloved daughter, Denise begged one of the police officers to find the motorist who had killed her daughter.  “Tell him it wasn’t his fault.  Tell him that we are a people of faith, we believe in G-d, and that we believe that this is part of His plan.  He should not blame himself or feel guilty, and tell him that he should not allow this to ruin the rest of this life.”

Amazing.  That a human being could rise so high.  An inspiration.

Thank you to Dr. Norman Goldwasser and Mishpacha Magazine.