Hey readers,

So the bald truth is that I’ve been too busy to blog.  Oy, the honesty!  Nevertheless, I’d never abandon you in your moment of need.

Here are some Chanukah laughs, and here are some ideas (too late for this year, no doubt, but just to kick yourself about how smart you could have been).

I wrote an article for the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project, the [insert insane hyperbole here] organization that sponsors the women’s trips to Israel I’ve been running since 2009 – and going again in April – woot!  It’s got some grammar glitches cuz I wrote it in a rush (oy, the honesty!) but I think it’s still passable.  It’s something I feel strongly about, and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

The Chanukah story is Judaism’s classic lesson of finding a bit of light amid the darkness.  As the famed Kotzker Rebbe said, “A little bit of light dispels much darkness.”  The iconic tale of the small bit of oil that lasted eight days serves as inspiration for us in the darkest days of winter.
The Jewish people have been the victim of so much darkness of late.  Hate crimes, terror, world denouncement and prejudice have all become the new normal.  How to react, how to cope??  How can little old me deal with all this?  The only way is to resolve to just shine a little bit of light and make a difference in that way…read more by clicking here


(Oh, and I’m pretty sure I misattributed that quote.  It was Shneur Zalman of Liadi.)

On another note, by ebook is coming along nicely thanks to my detail-oriented fellow grammar-nerd daughter, whom I’ve hired to edit it.  And my prayer book is, like, 75% written.  We’re progressing, people. Patience.

Happy reading.

Happy Chanukah.