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Book Reviews January 28, 2016

RELEASE OF MY BOOK: Conversations with God

I think it would be fairly accurate to say that I’m feeling exhilarated at the release of my book. I’ve been birthing it for two years. I wrote on Mondays and airplanes. I consulted, rewrote, added, and obsessed. And now it’s out. It’s weird how writing is such a solitary act (as opposed to blogging) and then BOOM! It hits the universe and all of a sudden it’s not solitary anymore!

Uncategorized December 16, 2015


Dear blog readers,

Tomorrow, on Thursday, December 17, 2015, we are running a 24-hour online campaign to raise $200,000 for our Jewish education center, JFX. EVERY DOLLAR you donate during this time period – Thursday noon till Friday noon – will  be quadrupled by generous donors in our community!

Uncategorized November 30, 2015

What’s Up

Hey OOTOB readers,

It’s been quiet on the blog lately. Maybe because it’s been really busy around here (a lot of travel) or maybe because I haven’t been struck with the muse. Figured I’d check in and say hi.

Uncategorized September 24, 2015

Why and How We Homeschool

Shana Tova! Happy Jewish new year to you all. I’ve been doing a bit of vlogging on Facebook, and decided to do my next post in this style too. We’re homeschooling our son who has Asperger’s and I’ve been getting a lot of questions about that. So here I explain. It was easier to do verbally than in writing. One thing I forgot to mention in the video that the scholarship we use for homeschooling here in Ohio is called the Autism Scholarship, and is available to kids who don’t attend public school. Enjoy! You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel and get notified whenever I post a video.


Controversial Observations, Uncategorized August 30, 2015

My Story

For the past ten days I’ve been a participant in a “Nourish Your Soul Telesummit.” Each day I’d get an email, and a posting in its corresponding Facebook group, that a new interview was up and available for listening. Each day one interview would broadcast. The interviews were conducted over the phone by professional storyteller Devorah Spillman and broadcaster Joelle Norwood. They featured ten inspired and inspiring Jewish women. Each morning on my daily walk I’d click over and listen. Today was the last one and the interviewers became the interviewees.