Jewish Inspiration October 7, 2017

Journey of Shul

Jewish Inspiration August 27, 2017

Letter to my Elderly Self

I turned 43 yesterday, which is something I’m very grateful for. My father died when he was 30 and I am painfully aware that each year is a blessing. Each year brings new wisdoms and awareness that I’d never trade for a slightly more youthful self. 

Jewish Inspiration August 13, 2017

Am I a Rebbetzin?

At the age of 22 I became a Rebbetzin by proxy: I was the Rabbi’s wife.

We had been living in Israel and with my husband finishing his rabbinical training, moved to Buffalo Grove, Ill., to take our first pulpit. 

Book Reviews June 11, 2017

What’s on my Nightstand

I love to read and have a diverse nightstand. The top book, All the Light We Cannot See, is gripping and sobering. My daughter and book-buddy Yitty read it and kept leaving it in strategic places so I’d start it. Once I did I couldn’t stop. It’s historical fiction, meticulously researched, set in World War II France and Germany. It will help you understand how a regular person could become a Nazi. I cried more than once, mostly over parent-child interactions.