Book Reviews June 11, 2017

What’s on my Nightstand

I love to read and have a diverse nightstand. The top book, All the Light We Cannot See, is gripping and sobering. My daughter and book-buddy Yitty read it and kept leaving it in strategic places so I’d start it. Once I did I couldn’t stop. It’s historical fiction, meticulously researched, set in World War II France and Germany. It will help you understand how a regular person could become a Nazi. I cried more than once, mostly over parent-child interactions.

Jewish Inspiration May 16, 2017

The Lake and the Joy

by Yoni Schlussel and Ruchi Koval

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, there lived an exceptional ancient civilization. This remarkable community was very unique and was full of love, warmth, and fondness, and had deep affection for one another. While their days were very busy, as were others in their time, with the practical tasks of plowing the fields, preparing their food, and running their homes – they were distinctive in how they spent their free time.

Daily, after all their hard work, they would gather together – children, parents, and grandparents – to relax and enjoy each other’s company at the small lake near their homes. Each family would unwind and share the details of their day while swimming together at the lake. They took great joy in this time and each other, experiencing the sensory pleasure of the swimming with the emotional bonding of the experience. The lake thus became their center, the focal point and heart of their leisure activities, and a huge focus in their culture. Generation after generation of fond memories would be created at the lake, of bonding with endearment and love by and in the water.

Uncategorized April 3, 2017

Autism Awareness Month

An ELI Talk is a Jewish TED-style talk. I became enamored with the thought of giving a TED talk one day when my friend Scott Simon gave one and like all my ideas, started with a kernel of “hey I could do that.” Then I discovered ELI talks.

Interviews, Uncategorized January 10, 2017

Interview with Myself

Hey OOTOB readers,

A little while ago, Chana Deutsch from Israel contacted me. She runs a program to help Jewish women in their relationships, and asked if she could interview me. Fun, because I’ve done a number of interviews here, and now I get to be the interviewee. It’s an audio interview, and it’s going to air on January 30th right here.